Overview of Project/ Kickstarter Video

Here is the video used for the kickstarter campaign which has funded this project. I give a little rundown of what we are doing. Check out some of the images we have created so far at adrienbroom.com

Film Teaser.... Where did all the Colors Go?

This project is part photography, part motion, part installation art and all magic.

The story follows a girl who wakes up in a room where all the colors have gone from the world. Everything is white: clouds, marshmallows, bunnies, doves, cakes and the moon create this new world. Eventually she finds a door that will lead her to her next discovery, the world of Red. Through this project the young girl will travel from world to world rediscovering all the colors that create the world we live in. Each world will be created as a piece of art itself, pulling on every aspect of the color it holds.

The story was created for children, but I hope it captures the imagination and hearts of adults as well.

Getting Ready for the Color Project

The first step to my next project that will run for about 8 months. Here we are setting up a room with in a room (my studio). Would have been impossible without help from my pops, who helped design and haul the piece around with me.

Building a Room Without Color

Here is a little behind the scenes video of me and my amazing crew building a set for the first image in the Color Project. This was shot over a 3-day period. I had so much help from such a wonderful group of ladies. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Hope you enjoy the video as well as my amazing studio slippers, don't be jealous.

Behind the Scenes of WHITE

Little Behind the scenes look at the world of white we created, and the shoot we did in it.

Building a World of RED

A quick time-lapse video of me and my incredible team building a world of RED. Enjoy!!

Behind the Scenes of RED

Behind the Scenes video documenting our Red world and the shoot surrounding it.

Building a World of Orange

A quick time-lapse video of me and my amazing team building the Orange world, set in an enchanted forest. This might be my favorite so far!

Orange is the Happiest Color ;)

Behind the Scenes of Orange

A behind the scenes video of the Orange world shoot.

Building a World of YELLOW

Time-lapse Video of me and the team building a world made entirely of yellow..

Behind the Scenes of Yellow

Behind the Scenes video of our shoot based around the Color Yellow.

Building a World of Green

A quick time-lapse video of me and my team building the Green world. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes of Green

A behind the scenes video of our Green world and shoot. Set in the jungle with a lilly pad pond, bridge, beanstalk, and miniature golf green. Enjoy!

Building a World of Blue

A time-lapse Video of me and my amazing team building an underwater world of Blue. Enjoy! Check out the photos from the shoot atadrienbroom.com

Behind the Scenes of the Blue World

A behind the scenes video of the magical underwater world of blue.

Building a World of Purple

A quick time-lapse video of me and my amazing team creating a purple galaxy - Song by Stromae

Behind the Scenes of Purple

Here is a quick sneak peak/ Behind the scenes Video from our purple world shoot

Buiding a world of Rainbows

A time-lapse Video of me and my team creating a world made of Rainbow!