• Adrien Broom is both an image maker and a visual storyteller. As a photographer, fine artist and set designer, Broom infuses a sense of magic and wonder into the images she creates. Whether she is using elaborate sets or relying on the beauty of the natural world, Broom creates images that are both familiar and otherworldly, fantastical with a touch of sinister. Often capturing images of women, as both mothers, daughters, sisters, and children, Broom’s photographs explore the contrast between adulthood and childhood, nature and fantasy, finding a balance between the two.

    Informed by a rich education in fine and decorative art in Florence and London, Broom’s photographs combine the sensuality of classical painting with the modern techniques of photography.

    Broom currently lives and works between Brooklyn, New York & New Haven, CT. She received a BA in Computer Animation from Northeastern University. Broom continued her exploration of photography and fine art at the SACI College of Art and Design in Florence, followed by studies of Fine and Decorative Art History at Christie’s, London.

  • info@adrienbroom.com
  • 917.623.4340