Wentworth Woodhouse is the largest private estate in Europe. With a facade twice as long as Buckingham Palace and 5 miles of corridors. The flamboyance, extravagance and drama of Wentworth Woodhouse is well matched by its owners. From Marquesses of Rockingham, including a Prime Minister, through rumours of changelings and of lunacy, philandering earls, illicit love, war heroism and a tragic connection to the Kennedy’s, it has a history that reads like fiction.

The Green Room
The Forest of Columns
The Stubbs Room
Dinner Party
The East Wing
shadow and the horse
Margot and the Whistle Jacket ll
Dancing shadows
The Long Room
Light and shadow
The West Wing ll
The Marbel Hall
Being: The Marbel Hall, ll
Margot and the Whistle Jacket
Margot and the Whistle Jacket lll
bored shadows
Van Dyke Room
The Marble Hall
The Marble Hall, ll
The Bedroom
the bedroom
bedroom ll
The Earls Wifes Bedroom
hidden passages
Van Dyke Room
Grand Halls
Dinner Party ll
Dinner Party lll